The New Age of Fitness
The new age of the fitness industry is giving rise to the next generation of fitness coach. If you were to picture the stereotypical personal trainer, what do you see? Many would imagine a good-looking exercise fanatic with a statuesque physique, who would never even think to touch a cupcake. Along with this view comes their well-advertised conventional programs. These are the ones you see all over television which start with high intensity movements that within the first 30 minutes leave you with only two options: pass out or throw up. While their intensions may be good, this style of fitness limits the potential a true fitness professional can have on their clients. Their influence can extend well outside of just the weight room. A better physique and general weight loss are only a small part of what engaging in a health and fitness program actually means.  
Fitness professionals are your front line of defense against an unhealthy lifestyle and your first ally in the fight for longevity and quality of life. Among all allied health professionals, you see your FP the most often. This time together can range from 1-4 sessions a week for as short as a few months to as long as consistent training for decades. Also, unlike the other allied fields that you see sporadically or only when seeking treatment, you see your FP no matter your current health situation or stage in life. This is because the different specialization in the fitness profession range from pre-habiliation to post rehabilitation. This makes them the potential greatest agents of change from an allied medical stand point.
Since the field is heavily researched in only the conventional specializations of aesthetic and athletics, the rest are under researched, showing that the true potential is still far from being maximized. Until this model can evolve, even just having a field like fitness training that can assess and treat people well before they have any injury or disease is an amazing ally to the fight against America’s current health statistics. 
It’s also important to remember a health and fitness professional’s biggest weapon is that they can also cover a wide range of other health related subjects with their clients. These topics cover everything from basic nutrition, to habit change, sleep patterns, and stress management. All factors which play a major role in the development of disease and degeneration. In addition to the benefits seen from a detailed exercise prescription, covering these topics preventatively will allow clients to incrementally lower their risk for injury or disease before there is even a reason for concern.