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  • FICX Fitness is an upscale, private, and semi-private fitness studio that puts injury prevention and long term results over today's current quick fix, unsustainable model

  • FICX Fitness covers a wide range of specialties from post orthopedic and cardiac rehabilitation  to bariatrics (weight loss) and functional movements/aesthetics

  • We aim to not only create elite level programming for each individual client but we also stand to raise the bar of the entire health and wellness industry

Our Goals & Core Values 
  1. Bridge the gap educationally between medical professionals (such as PT, MDs, and DCs) and EP-Cs.

  2. Create an environment that both resembles a medical professional’s office with a non-subtle but gentle touch of fitness. 

  3. Make prehab, injury prevention, and post rehab the staples of every program, no matter the current demand. 

  4. Wade through the industries poorly manufactured trends and stay ahead of the curve on newly formed ideas that will cause positive evolution to this or a related field. 

  5. Inspire change holistically, physically, mentally and emotionally; there by, covering and correcting nutrition, sleep, stress, habit change, and current lifestyle fallacies.  

  6. Innovate a new avenue for serious fitness professionals to develop beyond training; allowing them to grow their skills in areas that have not been related to the fitness industry thus far. These developments range from allied medical engineering to fitness related finance.


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